bass fishing rod setup: BEGINNER TO PRO

Finding the “best” fishing rod for bass? Not gon’na happen.  There’s no one rod that does it all. It’s like having different shoes for different occasions, you need the right one for each job. Why? Because each rod is like a superhero with its own powers. One might be awesome for flipping frogs on the water, but not so hot for casting weightless worms. So, fishing champs and super into-it anglers? You don’t need a whole bunch of rods at first. When you’re just starting with fishing gear, you don’t have to go crazy with all the options out there. ...

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FLY FISHING ROD SETUP , all in one guide

FLY FISHING ROD SETUP 101, all in one guide

Fly fishing is like entering a serene world full of natural wonders. If you’re just starting out on this adventure, don’t worry! Our article is your road-map through the basics of setting up your fly fishing gear. We’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know, from the gear essentials to casting tips. Whether you’re a newbie aiming for your first perfect cast or a seasoned angler curious about the finer details, our article is your go-to guide. KNOW ABOUT FLY FISHING: Fly fishing is a unique way of fishing that relies on special gear like a fly rod, ...

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