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At PaddleFishGear, our vision is to be the go-to destination for fishing anglers, tackle shop managers, and anyone passionate about the art of fishing. We aim to create a community where fishing enthusiasts can discover the best fishing gear available in the market and make informed decisions based on expert advice.


Meet Haseeb, a 35-year-old angler from the USA with 20 years of fishing expertise. He’s a true angling expert, dedicated to refining techniques and sharing insights on high-performance fishing equipment.

Say hello to Jason, Haseeb’s close friend. Aged 32, he brings 17 years of fishing experience and 4 years of managing tackle shops. Jason’s role involves rigorous testing and evaluation of fishing gear to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Jason: A Dedicated Tackle Shop Manager with a Passion for Fishing
dedicated and experienced fishing angler

Why are we Relevant

Our commitment to credibility sets us apart. We understand that trust is essential in the fishing community, which is why we only recommend products that we would personally endorse for our own family and friends. If we come across a product that falls short of our expectations, we will provide an honest review, highlighting the reasons behind our reservations.

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