Affiliate Disclosure

Welcome to! Our mission is to assist you in becoming the best angler you can be. As we embark on this journey, we want to be completely transparent about how we finance our mission. A portion of our operational funds is generated through affiliate links featured on our site.

Understanding Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are specialized connections that monitor referrals from our website to online merchants such as By clicking on these links and making a purchase, you enable us to earn a modest commission at no extra expense to you. This commission plays a vital role in upholding our commitment to providing valuable fishing insights, reviews, and purchasing guidance.

Selecting Relevant Affiliate Programs

We meticulously evaluate and select our affiliate programs, placing a strong emphasis on product quality. Any product linked to an affiliate program has undergone rigorous scrutiny and met our stringent criteria.

Presently, our primary affiliate partner is, chosen for their stellar customer service, delivery policies, and equitable pricing.

Transparent Earnings Declaration

It is important to clarify that we do receive a commission from transactions made via our affiliate links. Nonetheless, this has no impact on the price you pay for the product, nor does it influence our recommendations. Our suggestions stem from thorough research and testing, untainted by financial considerations.

Our Dedication to Unbiased Reviews

Our commitment is unwavering in delivering unbiased and honest reviews. A product endorsed on has successfully passed our meticulous assessment process. Should a reader decide to return a product, we do not earn a commission. This approach preserves our integrity and ensures our readers are our top priority.

Safeguarding Your Privacy

We hold your privacy in the highest regard. Any data collected through our affiliate links is subject to our Privacy Policy, which can be reviewed here.

Reach Out to Us

Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding our affiliate disclosure, we encourage you to reach out through our Contact Us page.

Visible Disclosure Placement

You will find this affiliate disclosure in the footer section of every page on our website, ensuring easy access without detracting from our primary goal: to empower your fishing proficiency.

Consistent Tone and Language

We have strived to maintain a consistent tone throughout our site, aiming for clarity and approachability while retaining a professional demeanor.

Adhering to Standards and Regulations

We adhere to the requirements set forth by our affiliate programs and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can trust that we are steadfast in our commitment to transparency and honesty in all our affiliations.